Rupert Resources

Corporate Responsibility


Rupert Resources believes that Corporate Social Responsibility should be part of the operations of any company with a social conscience. The Group commits to prioritising and evaluating health, safety, social, and environmental considerations in our business, whilst seeking to achieve sustainable development as a core objective. We strive to balance social, environmental and economic concerns in how we manage our business.

Our corporate responsibility focuses on:

  • Improving our health and safety to provide a safe working environment
  • Ensuring good working conditions and fair treatment for our employees
  • Supporting local communities and the economy
  • Promoting gender equality in our operations
  • Limiting our environmental impact
  • Complying with, or surpassing applicable and relevant legal and regulatory requirements, whilst aiming to achieve standards of international best practice
  • Identifying, assessing and managing risks associated with our operation to employees, contractors, the environment and communities
  • Communicating and engaging with employees, contractors and all stakeholders to build relationships based on transparency, trust and mutual involvement, and to share responsibility for meeting these corporate aims;
  • Conducting our business relationships with integrity, and honouring our trading commitments
  • Integrating sustainable development into investment decision-making;
  • Creating leadership and embedding the behaviours of sustainable development values across our operations; and
  • Using our position to raise awareness of corporate social responsibility with contractors, clients and investors

Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act

In compliance with the Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act, the company discloses reportable payments.

Rupert Resources ESTMA Report Year ended February 29, 2020
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