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Pahtavaara - Infrastructure


The town of Rovaniemi in Finland is located some 150 km south-southwest of Pahtavaara. Rovaniemi has a population of approximately 40,000 inhabitants and is the administrative centre of Finnish Lapland. The regional technical centre of the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) and its analytical laboratory are also located here.

The town of Sodankylä provides most of the support services for the Pahtavaara mine including the use of an accredited assay laboratory. The regional industrial base is currently dominated by small businesses involved in forestry, agriculture and manufacturing. There are several hotels, shops, and restaurants which accommodate a growing year-round influx of tourists into Lapland.

Hydroelectric power in the region is relatively inexpensive for commercial use. High voltage electrical power is transmitted directly via the main line located 5 km south of the mine.  Mine access is by road.

Surface infrastructure at Pahtavaara incudes a heavy vehicle workshop, administration building, two core sheds and a processing plant.